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Primal Rage, Behind the Scenes

Still love these designs.

it wasn’t very good (it was released alongside some of the greatest fighting games ever made) but it wasn’t a quick cash-in. This was a labor of love and it showed.

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(NSFW warning. There are some risque shots after the break, though no full blown nudity. Consider this a warning.)

Bullet Girls is a 3rd person shooter for the Vita.

All right, now that I’ve gotten the good out of the way, time to hit the negatives!

OK, fine. Maybe that’s a bit hyperbolic, but the reality is that Bullet Girls is not a good game by any metric. Much like the various Senran Kagura titles that have been released on a variety of platforms, Bullet Girls is about a group of high school girls doing combat with one another in various states of undress. There’s a large focus on customizing your character’s appearance, and hitting your enemies in specific spots so as to get them undressed as quickly as possible and deal more damage.

At face value, they seem more similar than not.

Reality paints a far different picture. A picture that feels me with intense feelings of despair.

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Every time I read about a new destructible-clothing, rub-the-girls video game I hold out hope that the finished product is actually some secret masterpiece that was laden with creepy sexist trappings to sell more units. But no, it turns out Bullet Girls is just garbage.

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I know everyone else has had their say about New 3DS by now (mine showed up far later than it was supposed to), but did everyone else cram their write-up with a couple dozen photos? I think not!

Well, probably not, anyway.

great photos by the way

I remain on the fence. Maybe next year, when there will be New 3DS-exclusive games (allegedly)

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fly this woman to korea for a photoshoot

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Cover system in games.


Cover system in games.

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I’m a teacher and today two new students signed up at my school - three year old identical twin boys. Their names are Sora and Riku.

That generation is here.

It begins.



You have added the best possible reaction image to my post of all time and I thank you very much for this addition you wonderful person.

If anyone on Tumblr winds up teaching Sephiroth Tidus, they’re obligated to post about it.

I predict a lot of Annas and Elsas are in Japan’s future, actually.

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Booker DeWitt eats candy that isn’t his

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Bowser in a box ⊟

Yes, jokes from 2006, that’s what’s going on right now. I hadn’t even thought about the shenanigans potential with the 3DS’s new home menu themes! Credit to Sir Radkey for the pic (via NintendoTweet).

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Among so many other great games, N++ is showing at Gamercamp ( this weekend in Toronto! Last year at Gamercamp, we showed some of the inspirations and in-progress artwork for N++, and displayed these abstract imaginings of the ninja. The inspiration for these posters comes from graphic poster design.

The concept behind the graphical style of N++ is largely from print graphic design. We at Metanet have been collecting design books we love for a decade, and we really wanted to bring the look of print to the world of video games. We thought N++ was the perfect opportunity, and worked with a graphic designer and expert (MASA) to help bring that influence into the game.

You can see it in the bold shapes, saturated colours, and in the super smoothness of the graphics (you can’t see any pixels at all!). We’re working on adding some textures inspired by how light hits paper, as well, to really underline that inspiration.

If you’d like your own print, you can order one here:

(Small sizes for now — if there’s demand we will add larger sizes.)

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​Hatred" is an independent PC game by ​a group of Polish developers. In order to set it apart for promotional reasons, the developers have stated that they are committed to "pure gameplay", claiming that mass murder of civilians by an angry disenfranchised man is more "honest" or somehow free from political narrative, unlike other modern games.
imageHatred is not apolitical. In fact, the opposite is true - it’s a game about glorifying violent racism and white supremacy. Consider the game’s trailer, which conspicuously lingers on the white protagonist brutally murdering and mutilating people of color.
In this photo of the development team, we can see that one of the developers wears a shirt depicting a historical anti-communist military group (Żołnierze wyklęci, historically associated with the Freikorps) that is lionised by right wing extremists. (Clarified in the update below.)
Another team member, ‘CEO and Animator’ Jarosław Zieliński, has prominently displayed an endorsement on his public Facebook page of the Polska Liga Obrony: an established nationalist Islamophobic, anti-immigration hate group.
Despite using registered marks held by the ESRB and Epic’s Unreal Engine attempting to legitimize their project, there is no working relationship between the studio and either organization. In a statement provided to Gamespot, Epic Games stated that “the video is using the trademarked Unreal Engine 4 logo without permission from Epic, and we’ve asked for the removal of our logo from all marketing associated with this product.”
Journalists and commentators alike do the industry a disservice by obfuscating the developer’s racially charged political hate in deference to the otherwise well-trod issue of violence in games. In doing so, they are playing into the exact type of controversy its developers have sought to capitalize on.
This story is a submission from one of our readers. If there’s an issue you think FNVG should cover, you can find our contact information on the About page.

Update: Since this story was published, FNVG has been alerted to some additional details.

Firstly, this post lacks historical context on the Żołnierze wyklęci. Though they are frequently lionized by right-wing politicians and activists in modern Poland, this controversial anti-Communist guerilla movement is also recognized and remembered as heroes by national institutions.

The tip originally sent to FNVG also stated that the “cursed soldiers” were associated with the Freikorps, a German military volunteer force. While the Freikorps were certainly active in post-WWI Poland, the group was purged by the Nazi Party in 1934. The mistake in the original submission may arise from the fact that the term “Freikorps" has been used to refer more generally to volunteer military units, including anti-Communist paramilitaries. I must apologize for this oversight, and for oversimplifying this situation.

Secondly, it has become clear that Destructive Creations CEO Jarosław Zieliński is not the only staff member with public connections to the far-right. Gameplay designer Jakub Stychno is a supporter of the fascistic Obóz Narodowo Radykalny, as well as the homophobic, nationalistic Młodzież Wszechpolska. FX artist Marcin Kaźmierczak is also a supporter of Młodzież Wszechpolska, and of several anti-social justice, anti-gay Facebook pages. (Including a right-wing boycott of a Polish boxer who supports gay rights.)

Reblogging again to include this new information, all of which goes to show that you can’t keep politics out of game journalism any more than you can keep politics out of games.

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