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Baby Bonnie Hood/Bulleta, Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior series


Baby Bonnie Hood/Bulleta, Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior series

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Man, they really have ported DOOM to everything.

the frame rate leaves much to be desired on this version

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european artwork vs. japanese artwork for mystic quest is a really hilariouos dichotomy

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- Muscle Power, World Heroes 2 Jet (ADK/ SNK)

wow wow wow
liver is tasty though

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate x Animal Crossing: New Leaf

So anyway I’m buying Monster Hunter 4.

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Here are the final two levels in last week’s Race.

So you might remember Race from N+; in N++ it’s pretty different. We’ve been playing around with the rules to make this mode interesting for serious competition, allowing for various strategies and comeback possibilities, and tweaking the value of gold — all the while keeping it fun for the not-so-serious. Here are the rules:

  • each player is given a bonus at the start of the level
  • your bonus can be increased by collecting gold in the level
  • if you reach the exit, your bonus is added to your score
  • if you haven’t reached the exit when the round ends, your bonus is lost
  • if you reach the exit, you get a chance to be a rocket and kill other players
  • once a player reaches the exit, Sudden Death begins
  • during Sudden Death, you won’t respawn if you die (you only have one last chance to reach the exit)
  • during Sudden Death, your bonus decays over time; if your bonus reaches 0, you’ll die
  • if no one has reached the exit after a certain period of time, You Suck mode begins: the level will gradually become easier, and only the first player to the exit survives (the rest are instantly killed)

We think you’ll enjoy it! There are a lot of interesting strategic opportunities.

We’re really hoping players start to get into it and try holding their own tournaments — we’ve found them to be pretty fun! Keep an eye on the devblog for news of a tournament near you:

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Sailor Zombie Lets You Shoot Undead Japanese Pop Stars | WIRED

When I first heard about this game in the spring, I groaned. “Love bullets”? It sounded like another ploy to separate obsessive AKB48 fans and their money.

When I saw it in action this week, I thought it might be campy fun. The premise is absurd, and the inclusion of rhythm-based dance numbers might make for a chuckle.

But sitting down and playing it made me realize just how creepy this concept is. Why would you make a game about shooting young girls in the face? “Zombies” schmombies, they look like teenagers. The shots sound like bullets, and one bullet is never enough. You have to tear into them to knock them down, but they always get back up.

I’m sure this all seems more innocent to Japanese people. Their gun laws are strict. You can count the number of annual shootings on one hand. But when you consider how these girls are already sexualized and fetishized in mass media, making them the main targets in a shooting gallery seems wrong. Very, very wrong.

And it cannot be said enough: out of all the girls that could have appeared in this game, two of the seven just happened to be the same two girls who were wounded by a crazy guy at a fan event this year. Of course that’s a coincidence, but it reinforces that these women are already at risk due to their fame (with the “accessibility” factor making them even more likely to be hurt). AND MOST OF THEM ARE MINORS. If it were my child in that game, I’d be furious.






bishck ifunut



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And that’s why they’re friends.

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"You know when you start up a new game and you get to the list of possible player perks and see “Big Cock” as one of them that you are going to have a fantastic day. For those curious what Corruption of Champions is about in terms of story, every year your village, Ingnam, sends a champion into the demonic realm of Mareth. What the game is about in terms of everything else is that you create a character and try not to be horribly raped by everything. Oh you think I’m kidding when I say raped? I mean honest-to-god-you’re-about-to-be-assaulted-with-someone-elses-genetalia rape. Admittedly the rape is a minor inconvenience and feels more like “rape” that couples do when they want to make things more interesting so don’t expect any horrible, horror movie-esque rape scenes. The advantage to this is that instead of getting a game-over and having to restart when your HP reaches zero, you get raped and return to camp. Most the time, at least. Specific fights do have game-over endings and there are other ways to get them."


GamerGate proponents have started their own news and review site with volunteer staff in order to combat the perceived issues with objectivity and transparency in games journalism.

Their first review, written by someone identified only as ‘James’, has been published, and opens with the paragraph above. James neglects to ever name the developer of the game or what platforms it is for.

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Must I point out that, by choosing to review this porn game, James made the highly subjective choice to promote it over all the thousands of rape-free games on the market?

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