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"Eye of the Tiger" Played on an Old Dot-Matrix Printer

"Papa, what did the ’80s sound like?"

I just laughed so hard I almost puked.

I am so glad I know you, and that people make things like this.

This is humanity’s most important achievement. 

Visiting the creator’s Vimeo page I learned that this requires a specially-modified printer which makes the feat a lot easier to understand, but no less impressive.

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Super Smash Bros. vs. AKB48 ⊟

Nintendo cleverly uses the “Mii Fighter” character as a way to cross-promote Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, a game that is still called that, with Japanese idol army AKB48. I bet these Miis look just like the singers! (Also in Smash apparently: Fierce Deity Link and Pikmin's Alph)

Do you think there was internal competition or negotiation about who got to be the one trying to punch Mario in the video?

I was tempted to headline this post “48 new characters for Super Smash Bros.,” and I’m proud of myself for resisting.

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I feel like that preview image is a metaphor for the War Over Japanese Video Games: on one side you have assorted characters in all their shapes and sizes and on the other NOTHING BUT SCHOOLGIRLS


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In this episode video blogger Laci Green explains the practice of victim blaming, how it works and why it is such a serious problem both online and offline.

"Why are we so quick to defend men’s freedom (including the freedom to commit crimes) while handing women a long list of restrictions on our everyday lives?"

it’s almost as if society affords men and maleness special privileges, while femininity and independent women are scrutinized and made examples of.


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Hey kids, got an hour and a half free? Watch me play Bionic Commando from start to finish. For science! Try not to shudder in too much irritation as I miss the green communicator in Area 16! Groan in dismay as I miss critical jumps! I’m not very good at video games! Yay!

Also, you should be cool and subscribe to our YouTube and Twitch channels. Just because.

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Love this new Smash Bros. 3DS ad ⊟

Just a bunch of bros getting smashed. This releases next week in Japan, which explains why the country is already rolling out commercials. The rest us won’t be able to buy it for another month…

PREORDER Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS, upcoming releases

It’s very similar to the Monster Strike ads in Japan, which often feature real-life humans being flung around at high speeds

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I really like the new Doctor Who opening titles, and one reason is the music reminds me of the 1980s version:

I loved the “high-adventure” sound of the 2010 opening theme, but there’s something to be said for promising more outer-spaceness and oddness than action. And even though it’s been decades since it was first invented, synthesizers and electronic sounds say “space” to me.

Maybe it’s just me getting old.



Protect Me Knight 2 for 3DS eShop ⊟

Minna de Mamotte Knight is the sequel to an Xbox Live Indie Games release (remember that?) by Ancient Corp., the company run by legendary composer Yuzo Koshiro (and other members of his family!)  – which explains why the music in the trailer is so good and so authentically retro.

It’s sort of a tower defense-ish thing, in that you’re protecting a princess from oncoming waves of enemies, but you get to control the various characters with combo-based attacks and stuff, rather than just setting up and watching yourself fail over like three minutes.

The sequel adds a map editor with QR code sharing, two new character classes (an archer and… a wall-eyed knight on a fake horse join the previous game’s fighter, mage, amazon, and ninja-in-a-Borat-swimsuit). No idea if it’ll come out in the West, but the first one did, and Ancient hopes to release it.

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I’d also add that up to four people can play with only one copy of the game. But you’re all going to buy it anyway, right?

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When spoken word artist Brenna Twohy tells you that she is an unabashed devotee of all things “Potterotica” — erotic fiction based in the magical universe of Harry Potter — your response probably shouldn’t be that her taste is “unrealistic.” 

Watch her full monologue here. 

(Source: National Poetry Slam uploaded by Button Poetry)

I’m happy to be getting to the point where I don’t have to feel weird about enjoying fanfiction, or having written a bunch of it. Partly it’s that the fandom experience has become more broadly shared. Partly it’s that I stopped giving a shit.

And as for why I like the porny sort of fanfiction, see above. She says it better.

I like sex with context. I like sex when it involves fully fleshed out characters. I like the backstories. I like feeling like these people do other things when they aren’t having sex.

I couldn’t care less about sexual fan fiction but by that I also mean I’m not going to attack someone who likes it. And her speech and her point are so powerful; the GIFs don’t do this justice. Watch, as I did, and let your jaw drop.

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please unmute this vine

that was good advice thank you

Her message must be heard.

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