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The Hart and Lorne Terrific Hour starring Lorne Michaels. 1970-71

oh my god
now I understand why Mike Myers called Lorne a “Canadian Hero” like four times on WTFcast

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The Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry will develop a system to show Japanese TV programs with subtitles in foreign languages, including English and Chinese, to provide a more comfortable viewing experience for foreign visitors, according to sources.

Behind the ministry’s decision were requests from foreign visitors for more foreign-language subtitles for domestic TV programs. The envisaged system will be offered for news programs related to visitors’ safety and security during their stay, as well as variety shows.

A TV station broadcasts a program in the original Japanese, then the contents are automatically translated by a system to produce the foreign-language subtitles. Finally, the subtitles are sent to TV screens via the Internet.



where do I begin with this?

I know that Japan has more foreign tourists than foreign residents, but I still don’t understand why broadcasts related to “safety and security” are going to be translated for tourists’ sake rather than the millions of non-Japanese who actually live here.Obviously anyone living in Japan should be actively studying Japanese, but think about what subtitles could mean to foreign-born residents. All my early Japanese studies were supplemented with English-subtitled Japanese pop culture. Putting subtitles on everyday TV programming would send a message to non-native speakers, a acknowledgement that they exist and that they deserve to know what’s happening even if they’re new here.Who is writing these subtitles? The word “automatically” suggests a machine translator, but that would be a disaster. Machine-translated Japanese becomes gibberish in English, presumably that goes for other languages as well.I would understand the need for on-the-fly translation for live news broadcasts, but what about variety shows? They are filmed weeks even months in advance and are heavily edited (to add Japanese subtitles, for one thing). Shouldn’t they prep English subtitles in advance? They could be broadcast as closed captions.But all this leads to the biggest question of all: is writing subtitles for Japanese variety shows my DREAM JOB or my WORST NIGHTMARE? Because the shows are awful and this would mean closely watching them for a living but if I were writing the subtitles I could have fun with it on some level. Maybe every “おいしい!” could be a different synonym for “delicious” instead of the same word over and over this point it sounds more interesting than teaching english, anyway(link to news story, via Sandra Barron)




Thanks to Michael Rich for submitting this!

Ranking Star Trek Voyager seasons from best to worst: (4,6,5,1,3,7,2)

Episodes skipped: 59 out of 172.

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I was legit contemplating how to write a Voyager list (been rewatching lately) but all I could say was “skip skip skip SKIIIIP” so good work Michael.

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Start GOING DEEP WITH DAVID REES this very night. 

14 years ago this summer I met David Rees for the first time at the COOLIDGE in Brookline, Massachusetts. 

Prior to that I knew him only from his self-published clip art karate comic entitled MY NEW FIGHTING TECHNIQUE IS UNSTOPPABLE.

Jay Evans gave me that comic in the spring of 2000 when something very sad was happening in my life, and I laughed so so hard. It was a good gift. 

So I invited him to this event I was doing at the Coolidge, and we have been friends ever since. But I do not praise David Rees because he is a friend, but because he a GENIUS.

Consider his body of work: 

—The incredible clip art water cooler war comic GET YOUR WAR ON.

—An instructive and actually moving book about PENCIL SHARPENING based on his ACTUAL CAREER as an artisanal pencil sharpener. 

—The hilarious series about domestic spying called CODEFELLAS starring the great EMILY HELLER

(I was also in CODEFELLAS, PS, because if David ever asks met to do something, I answer YES, and I never ever regret it.) 

Dude has made me laugh harder and think harder about life and art than anyone, and tonight he will start helping you to think CLEARLY for once about HOW TO MAKE ICE, HOW TO DIG A HOLE, and HOW TO TIE KNOTS. 


I really think you will enjoy this show.

And as always, despite your natural internet preferences for streamin’ and swipin’, I would consider it a favor if you could find a way to watch it TONIGHT on TELEVISION at 10PM on National Geographic’s channel, and perhaps let social media and @NatGeoChannel know that that’s what you’re doing. 

Throughout the day I will be sharing more of my favorite DAVID REES short films.

I am also looking for a place with a television in Maine so that I can watch the show tonight as well. 


Otherwise, that is all. 

signed, John Hodgman.

PS: Please feel free to retweet and retumbl this letter so that we can remain friends. I REALLY WANT THIS SHOW TO SUCCEED, and I do not make any money off of it. 


As this show is unlikely to air in my country I cannot obey you, HODGMAN, but I am very curious about this programme. Also, I always  thought you were joking about the pencil sharpening thing but now I see that you were not.

ps: I love your podcast

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"before I know it, I’m gonna wake up and be 23 and my life’s gonna be behind me."
"you know that I’m 25, right?"


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Do you ever read your scripts and think to yourself, “That still happens, yeah, that still happens in modern America?” The plight of women, while it has improved, has not advanced to the point where these are the types of mistreatments that are so unusual that they are extinct. 

this is a big reason why I can’t watch Mad Men. all I see is men being dicks.

and also, while I know I’m not plugged in to all pop culture these days, but how come the breakout stars of Mad Men are all the men on the show, while Christina Hendricks had a cameo in Drive and…what else?

but yeah, things are soooooooo different now

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it’s funnier because Hugh Laurie is sitting there.

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