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so I’ve been buying Blu-rays here and there, both to collect movies I like and to catch-up on American TV shows I can’t easily see in Japan.

lots of them include this “Ultraviolet” service which promises a digital copy in addition to the disc I buy. normally I ignore it, but since I’ve started watching Hannibal - a show that my children should absolutely not see (nor should my wife, honestly) - I thought I’d give it a try so I can watch on my PC in total privacy.

the Ultraviolet slip inside the Blu-ray case claimed it takes “Just 3 Easy Steps” to redeem a video. this is a lie. this is such a lie I almost can’t believe it really happened. here’s the real step-by-step process:

  1. go to the redemption website which, amazingly, varies depending on where you buy the blu-ray
  2. determine which retailer-specific corner you need to access
  3. manually look up the name of the product
  4. type in the authorization code
  5. discover you must first create an account for this retailer-specific service
  6. type in the authorization code again
  7. discover that whoops, you also need an Ultraviolet account so you can link it to your retailer-specific account
  8. type in the authorization code AGAIN
  9. good job! you can now stream your video in standard def, making it look like someone uploaded it onto YouTube in 2008
  10. discover you need to download a special program if you want to download the video onto your PC
  11. re-login to all your accounts again from the special program
  12. discover that the browser/program doesn’t support Google Chrome so would you please use another browser?
  13. start up another browser and login to all your accounts for a third time
  14. congrats, you may now download that standard def YouTube shit (but only if you are inside the United States, otherwise fuck you)

by the way, here is the real “3 Easy Steps” alternative to Ultraviolet:

  1. type the series name followed by sXXeYY (XX=season number YY=episode number) into Google
  2. pick from any number of HD-quality stream OR download options
  3. close a few pop-ups and enjoy your free television program anywhere in the world



I just discovered this show yesterday, and have already gone through most of the first season — you can watch all episodes online here. Don’t know how I missed this, but man, this series sure is funny. It was co-created by Dan Harmon, and so this is where I can continue to get some my Harmon fix (I gave up on Community). This really is the funniest animated series I’ve seen since discovering Adventure Time.

Caught one episode during my recent trip to the US and really liked it. Thanks for the link!

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Lower Berth, by Jack Davis.

Original pages for “Lower Berth”, from
Tales From The Crypt #33, December, 1953. Is that some beautiful line work or what?

This became an episode of Tales From the Crypt, only the baby at the end was the Crypt Keeper since he was the host of that show

Baby crypt keeper

I always felt the baby Crypt Keeper puppet looked like Chucky without a nose

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A little behind the scenes look of the early stages of Green Lantern the Animated Series.

My eternal gratitude to everyone who helped prove the doubters wrong.

excuse me, I need to go watch Green Lantern now

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pictured: my sunday morning

(no really, it’s on in a half-hour)

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Bixby Rogers Ferrigno

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(to Ian McKellen) You were saying a dream of yours is that you wanted to host a show like this. 

Omg, this is adorable.


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There is nothing that is wrong here.

They are not fighting crime in 1970s Chicago!

SHE’S a warrior princessSHE’S a cyborgTOGETHER they’re out to clean up the windy city



There is nothing that is wrong here.


They are not fighting crime in 1970s Chicago!

SHE’S a warrior princess
SHE’S a cyborg
TOGETHER they’re out to clean up the windy city

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Favourite post on tumblr

This is what happens when we have a two year hiatus

I’m enjoying the thing.

I am so proud to be a part of this fandom

I lost it at the Gallefreyan one

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