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I don’t think that people generally realise what motion picture industry has done to the American Indian, as a matter of fact, all ethnic groups, all minorities, all non-whites. And people just simply don’t realise, just take it for granted that that’s the way people are going to be presented and these clichés are just, I mean on this network every night, well perhaps not every night, but you can see silly renditions of human behaviour, the leering Filipino houseboy, the wily Japanese, the kook or the gook, black man, stupid Indian. It just goes on and on and on. And people actually don’t realise how deeply people are injured by seeing themselves represented, not so much the adults, who are already inured to that kind of pain and pressure, but children. Indian children seeing Indians represented as savage, as ugly, as nasty, vicious, treacherous, drunken. They grow up only with a negative image of themselves and it lasts a lifetime. 

Marlon Brando on why Sacheen Littlefeather presented a speech on his behalf during his Best Actor win for The Godfather at the 1973 Academy Awards

why is Brando remembered as being crazy instead of being ahead of his time?

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  • Question: I just found out that there exists a "Confederate Memorial Day" to honor the racists who died defending racism. The date varies depending on what assbackwards state you're in, but I think Arkansas wins for placing it in January so they can combine it with MLK Jr Day. Is this the most racist thing ever? - Anonymous
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    This one goes out to all the assholes who write in claiming that “the North is just as racist as the South.”

    Look, not to take anything away from how racist people are everywhere, but also… no.

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this should be taught in school

the 369th infantry regiment

The 369th. Nicknamed the Harlem Hellfighters, (The Germans named them Hellfighters because they fought like hell, never lost ground and never had any men captured. One third of the 369th died in combat). were the first all-black regiment to fight in World War I. Even before they left for duty, the Hellfighters had to endure the racist taunts, jeers and violent attacks from their fellow white soldiers on the Camp Whitman base. The regiment had arrived in France in early 1918 and was trained for several months in French military camps. By May they were fighting on the Front lines, where they spent the next six months— longer than any other American unit during the war. The entire unit was given the distinguished Croix de Guerre by the French national government for their service.

But their heroism and valor were never recognized back home.

Despite the sacrifices and courage displayed by African American soldiers during the war, they nevertheless encountered a virulent backlash of white racism upon their return to the United States. A number of newly discharged soldiers- still wearing their uniforms- were lynched by white mobs. The post-war landscape was rife with racial and economic tension. The demobilization of the troops was met with severe and rising inflation and unemployment. At the war’s end, approximately 9 million people were employed in industries pertaining to the overseas effort. The war effort had provided openings for the migration of blacks into urban manufacturing jobs, but with the war’s end job scarcity fueled the notion among working class white workers that blacks were taking their places in the labor force.

Racial violence erupted in the summer of 1919, in what Harlem Renaissance poet and intellectual James Weldon Johnson would call “Red Summer.” On 27 July, in the Northern city of Chicago, Eugene Williams was drowned by white swimmers who threw rocks at the young African American boy for swimming too close to a white beach. The black community was outraged after police refused to arrest those responsible for Williams’ death. Rioting erupted throughout the city, and for the next five days, black neighborhoods were the sites of terror, burning and lynching. By the beginning of August, the city lay in disrepair, 38 dead, 500 injured, and over 1,000 black people homeless.

The fear of organized black labor was the catalyst for more racial violence and terror in Elaine, Arkansas. In early October, as black farmers and sharecroppers met to organize a union, a white mob swarmed down upon them in attempts to break up the meeting. The violence that ensued left over 100 black farmers dead and their farms destroyed. Throughout the South, independent black farmers and unions became the targets of racist violence and lynching.

Throughout the summer and fall, 24 other race riots erupted within American cities, all instigated by white acts of violence. In the Washington, D.C. riots, whites were shocked to find that black urbanites quickly organized collective resistance and militantly stood their ground. Indeed the war had meant something to black Americans; it meant that if they were to support the fight for democracy abroad, they would wage one for equality at home.
-Amistad Digital Resource

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  • Question: How can I have "white privilege" when my family is poor, white, and has never been given any chances for advancement? These generalizations are so hurtful because there are assumptions being made for privileges I have never seen and probably will never see. - Anonymous
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    Racists always like to write in thinking that pointing out that they personally are poor and white somehow disproves the plain-ass fact that society and racism are set up to benefit white people at the expense of everyone else. Well guess what, shithead, I got good news and bad news for you.

    The good news is, you’re basically the Albert Einstein of racists. This is absolutely the best that all of you fucking got.

    The bad news is, you’re stupid as all fucking shit.

    Guess what, you fuckhead, for all the bum cards you might have been dealt in your life (and, kaboom asshole, the simple fact that you can get on a computer or a phone to write in your stupid bullshit means you’re more privileged than you think), are you really so fucking stupid that you can’t tell that none of these penalize you because of your race? If you really can’t, try doing this one simple and completely obvious thought experiment: how fucking different would your life be if everything else was equal, but you were born, say, I don’t know, black.

    Fuck the fuck off, you racist piece of shit.

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On the morning of September 4, 1957, fifteen-year-old Dorothy Counts set out on a harrowing path toward Harding High, where-as the first African American to attend the all-white school – she was greeted by a jeering swarm of boys who spat, threw trash, and yelled epithets at her as she entered the building.

Charlotte Observer photographer Don Sturkey captured the ugly incident on film, and in the days that followed, the searing image appeared not just in the local paper but in newspapers around the world.

People everywhere were transfixed by the girl in the photograph who stood tall, her five-foot-ten-inch frame towering nobly above the mob that trailed her. There, in black and white, was evidence of the brutality of racism, a sinister force that had led children to torment another child while adults stood by. While the images display a lot of evils: prejudice, ignorance, racism, sexism, inequality, it also captures true strength, determination, courage and inspiration.

Here she is, age 70, still absolutely elegant and poised.

she deserves to be re-blogged. 

she’s so goddamned inspirational

this makes me want to cry

you ever think the people who don’t believe in reparations do so because they realize that as soon as we start paying damages for racism we’ll never stop?

this woman wasn’t a “slave” but she was subject to horrific, sanctioned abuse because WHOA her skin wasn’t the same color as the other children.

she deserves more than gratitude and reblogs, she deserves official apologies and a check. And she’s not alone. 

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Wow. This is perfect.
  • Question: You do realize that it was whites that ended slavery and have invented almost everything, right? - whitesupremacymemes
  • Answer:




    Black Inventions:

    1. Air conditioning unit

    2. Almanac

    3. Auto cut-off switch

    4. Auto fishing device

    5. Automatic gear shift
    6. Baby buggy (aka stroller)
    7. Bicycle frame
    8. Biscuit cutter
    9. Blood plasma bag
    10. Cellular phone
    11. Chamber commode
    12. Clothes dryer
    13. Curtain rod and curtain rod support
    14. Door knob
    15. Dust pan
    16. Door stop
    17. Egg beater
    18. Electric light bulb
    19. Elevator
    20. Eye protector
    21. Fire escape ladder
    22. Fire extinguisher
    23. Folding bed
    24. Folding chair
    25. Fountain pen
    26. Furniture caster
    27. Gas mask
    28. Golf tee
    29. Guitar
    30. Hair brush
    31. Hand stamp
    32. Horse shoe
    33. Ice cream scooper
    34. Improved sugar making
    35. Insect-destroyer gun
    36. Ironing board
    37. Key chain
    38. Lantern
    39. Lawn mower
    40. Lawn sprinkler
    41. Lemon squeezer
    42. Lock
    43. Lubricating cup
    44. Lunch pail
    45. Mail box
    46. Mop
    47. Motor
    48. Peanut butter
    49. Pencil sharpener
    50. Phone transmitter
    51. Record arm player
    52. Refrigerator
    53. Riding saddles
    54. Rolling pin
    55. Shampoo headrest
    56. Spark plug
    57. Stethoscope
    58. Stove
    59. Straightening comb
    60. Street sweeper
    61. Thermostat control
    62. Traffic light
    63. Tricycle
    64. Typewriter
    65. Jazz (and subgenres)
    66. Hip Hop (and subgenres)
    67. Rock n Roll 
    68. Speech (Africans first to use language)
    69. Writing (before it became more complex in Mesopotamia)
    70. Medicine (Ancient Egypt)
    71. Architecture (Ancient Egypt)
    72. Mathematics (prehistoric)
    73. Mining of minerals
    74. Iron smelting
    75. Religion
    76. Laws
    77. International trade
    78. Philosophy (dates back to before Ancient Egypt was before Ancient Egypt if you know what I mean)
    79. Art (oldest art known is 75,000 years old found in South Africa)

    Muslim Inventions:

    1. Hospitals
    2. Surgery
    3. Algebra
    4. Coffee
    5. First to invent a flying machine
    6. University
    7. Optics (eye stuff)
    8. Instruments in music
    9. Toothbrush
    10. Crank connecting rod system
    11. Perfume

    Central and South American inventions:

    1. First try at the color television
    2. Ochoaplane, a folding wing airplane
    3. Acceleglove, a glove that can translate sign language into speech
    4. Rocket belt
    5. Air-pressure powered driver for pneumatic ventricular assist device
    6. A method for preforming cable for promoting adhesion to overmolded sensor body for Delphi Technologies Inc
    7. Contraceptive pill
    8. The pen
    9. Discovering mosquitos are cure to yellow fever
    10. One of the world’s earliest submarines
    11. Photographs

    Chinese inventions:

    1. Silk fabric
    2. Ink
    3. Irrigation canals
    4. The kite
    5. Poetry
    6. Domestication of rice
    7. Umbrella
    8. Handheld crossbow
    9. Paper
    10. Wheelbarrow
    11. Seismoscope
    12. Abacus
    13. Toilet paper
    14. Porcelain
    15. Gunpowder
    16. Flamethrower
    17. Magnetic compass
    18. Circulation of paper currency (paper money)
    19. Land mines

    Sumerian inventions:

    1. First written language
    2. The wheel

    Babylonian invention:

    1. Soap

    Mesopotamian inventions:

    1. Parasol
    2. Map making
    3. Discovery of alcohol

    Middle Eastern inventions (prehistoric):

    1. Food supply
    2. Domestication of the cat and cattle


    1. Weaving

    Southeast Asian invention (prehistoric):

    1. Domestication of chicken

    Syrian invention:

    1. The mirror

    Persian inventions:

    1. Ice cream
    2. Windmill
    3. Vertical sails

    Indian inventions:

    1. Modern numbering system (also in Arabia)
    2. Chess


    1. Metal movable type
    2. Ironclad “turtleboat”

    Filipino inventions:

    1. Karaoke
    2. Medical incubator
    3. Moon buggy
    4. Erythromycin
    5. Yoyo
    6. Video phone
    7. Computer microchips
    8. Isolated rice breeds
    9. Drug detection
    10. Jeepney (Jeeps)
    11. Patis

    Native American inventions:

    1. Maple syrup
    2. Hammock
    3. Lacrosse

    Inuit inventions:

    1. Kayak
    2. Parka
    3. Toboggan

    Hawaiian invention:

    1. Surfing

    Also, whites didn’t end slavery. Abraham Lincoln didn’t care about Black people and slavery until he knew that slavery was a very important economic part of the South, so he threatened to end slavery if they didn’t surrender because then the Confederate states would crumble, which is mostly what happened after they had to surrender. Slavery wasn’t necessary over after the Emancipation Proclamation, either. He only freed the slaves in the South. Sharecropping happened so after, which is basically slavery but only with drowning in debt so the Black families could become dependent on the white folk they’re on the land and work for.

    Goodbye honky.

    - Jess

    For whites that were still throwing their shit in the streets in the early 1900s. YOU OWN NOTHING but the Manifest Destiny BS and Racism.

    "White people ended slavery" this is the same logic like "Hitler killed Hitler" are supposed to call y’all heroes?

    If I punched you in the face everyday then one day stopped, am I now praiseworthy?  

    Can’t decide which half of that first post is more offensive: white people “inventing” everything or expecting a cookie for ending a system of slavery they built and operated for centuries.

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"Because [he/she/you] are a foreigner" I’m getting real tired of hearing that, especially at work.

Sensei pulled out this chestnut TWICE today and it pissed me off both times.

First time it happened, I was doing gestures for the class so the kids would guess which sport I was playing. She showed me the “sumo” card and instantly started giggling.

"Here’s something you should all know," she told the class in Japanese. "Feit-sensei…well, he’s a foreigner so I don’t know…"

RAGE POINT ONE: I guarantee I know more about sumo than every kid in that classroom. I’ve been watching sumo since before these kids were even born. Baseball and soccer are Japan’s favorite sports now, sumo doesn’t even scratch the top 10.

RAGE POINT TWO: the best sumo wrestlers are all foreigners. There hasn’t been a Japanese yokozuna (the top rank of wrestlers) in over a decade. Which, frankly, proves I know more about sumo than the lady who’s belittling my sumo knowledge.

In the very next period, we were doing quizzes. I drew a map of Japan on the chalkboard and highlighted the northeast area. I said “North, east” to punctuate each direction in the hope of communicating my meaning.

Sensei, ever the enthusiastic helper, said (in Japanese) “Oh, he’s referring to the Tokyo area.” Which isn’t the case at all. When I explained that, drawing a dot where Tokyo would be on my map, she said to herself (yet loud enough for me to hear) “nevermind, you’re a foreigner” before moving on.

I am not an expert artist, but I can draw Japan. I know where fucking Tokyo is. But her mistake turned into an opportunity to make me look like an idiot.

I know these are little things. Microaggressions. It’s not like I’m being pelted with racial slurs and sent to sit in the back of the bus. But it’s still racist and bullshit and most of all, it’s rude.

What are my options here? Can I possibly explain to her how insulting this is? Because the whole point of having me in the classroom, in my opinion, is to encourage the kids to learn from and interact with a non-Japanese person. These kids live in the sticks, I’m probably the first foreign face they’ve ever seen outside of television. And I’ve been working in this town for seven years, which means I’ve been going to their school longer than they have.

Can I please be afforded a micron of respect? Is it too much to ask that teachers avoid making broad assumptions about me so as not to “other” me in front of the kids? Because these kids are already getting a steady diet of that on television every night, to say nothing of any biases their parents or grandparents might have.

I can’t fight the children’s prejudice and adults’ prejudices at the same time. You want to help me teach the kids, teach them I’m not a stranger. We can talk about differences in culture, just don’t insult my intelligence. Don’t ask me questions and hold my answers aloft as proof that everyone is different from Japanese people. If you can’t manage that, I’d rather teach classes alone and deal with the headaches later.

  • Question: If you were to make a Japanese character say something like "Herro, Rousy bird!!" in an attempt to show he is still learning English would that be racist? If yes then what if a Japanese person who lives in Japan says it is fine? - Anonymous
  • Answer:


    I love how racists can always so conveniently find one person to tell them that their racist behavior is acceptable, and how, magically, that one person’s opinion is so much more valid than the opinion of everyone else who says otherwise. Fuck off.

    also, the worst person possible to ask about racism is a Japanese person in Japan. You’d be better off asking a white man in Wisconsin.

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atribecalledredfan asked: so dope

Oh man, I mean, it’s a little funny that white people are somehow whining that this is as hurtful or meaningful as the fucking Chief Wahoo bullshit, but on the other hand, it’s like, this shit is ultimately kind of weak. Like, sort of point made, but also, I feel like racists are going to just be like, “see, we’re all equally hurting each other with our friendly ribbing,” which, like, NO.

Definitely funny, but it also encourages racists to keep doing their thing because Chief Wahoo is funny to them. Not worth it.

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