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"Peter Nunn retweeted “menacing” posts threatening to rape the Walthamstow MP and called her a witch. He launched his “campaign of hatred” after she backed Caroline Criado-Perez’s campaign to keep a woman on a British banknote."


A man in the UK was caught sending rape threats to a Minister of Parliament (warning: graphic language in the full story) and he followed the Misogyny 101 playbook To The Letter, using identical tactics to all the dudes who’ve been harassing Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn for months.

1: Get livid about a non-issue, in his case putting Jane Austin on the 10-pound note

2: Harass a woman publicly using gendered threats using twitter and youtube

3: Justify the threats because the target is well known, “If you can’t threaten to rape a celebrity, what is the point in having them?” as he put it

4: Accuse the target of restricting “free speech,” quote: “They are probably working with the government, the government wants to restrict freedom.”

5: Accuse the target of faking their own abuse: “Feminists are using it (Twitter) to push their own agenda, I think it might be a hoax”

6: When confronted, claim it’s all “a joke” or “satire” or worse yet: “Peter Nunn told police he had retweeted violent messages to further debate" (emphasis added)

I hope the punks read this. I hope everyone reads this and sees that these tactics to silence women are well-established.

"It’s not about gender!" they always say. So why do women face so much abuse over and over again? You can set your watch to these stages by now.

Rape threats are not debate. They are not satire. They are not funny. You are not championing free speech if your words are chosen to frighten and intimidate.

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Besides Michael Brown, Whom Else Does The New York Times Call “No Angel”?



Here’s who comes up in Vanity Fair’s search of people the New York Times has called “no angel”:

  • Al Capone, white mobster
  • James “Whitey” Bulger, white convicted murderer
  • Donald Manuel Paradis, white motorcycle gangster on death row
  • Erwin Rommel, Nazi field marshal
  • Clayton Lockett, white convicted murderer and rapist
  • Larry Flint, white pornographer
  • Eric Harris, white Columbine serial killer

Who else does the Times label “no angel”?

  • Samuel Spencer, Black victim of murder by four white men
  • Magic Johnson, Black basketball player
  • Michael Jackson, Black musician

Yeah. You do the math.

The media are largely responsible for all the hate black people suffer because if it wasn’t for them spread their negative bs and lies these cops wouldn’t be getting away with murder. And that’s why i say that the media should be called out on their bs every day.

just remember: FOX News exists because a rich white man looked at the New York Times and said “this is not conservative enough for me”

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Look at the difference in headlines. And then look at the way in which the AP depicted Renisha McBride.

Even in death, we lose all humanity. Victim shaming knows no bounds.

She is a black woman, she has a name. Don’t ever forget it!


*thanks to @goldietaylor for the pic*

The AP’s headline was un-fucking-acceptable. In the first tweet they sent out they called him “the porch shooter,” as if he shot a fucking porch. He didn’t. He shot a black woman who was just looking for help. He shot Renisha McBride.

Given the brevity of Twitter, taking the time to type “woman who showed up drunk on porch” displays contempt for the victim. That’s anything but objective reporting.

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This is SUCH a common occurrence. While living in Japan I probably saw more business men looking at porn on the train than I did at home on my computer.

My favorite is the nearly-nude or occasionally actually-nude woman in the sports papers. You’ve got this guy nonchalantly reading horse racing results while a naked model stares out into the train car.

And my heart goes out to all the newscasters who, when they review the day’s headlines of all the newspapers (yes, that’s a thing - Japan has the most-read newspapers in the world last I checked), they have to point at a piece of paper with a giant photo of a woman and look right past it to the tiny sidebar which is the news story they’re trying to discuss.

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but here’s an entire album of selfies i took during my trip


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This story has been on the news a lot lately, because Mt. Gox is (was?) located in Tokyo. Every story spends twice as much time explaining bitcoins to the bewildered in-studio guests as it does the actual news event. But sadly, it’s all done with charts and diagrams.

Thank you, Taiwan.

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Jon Stewart compares the media’s treatment of Justin Bieber and Rob Ford to the treatment of Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman.

people seriously got mad at the athlete who won a football thing? fucking hell, america, what are you becoming in my absence?

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News Reporter Fired For Saying He Would F**k Missing Woman If They Ever Found Her


The soound that I justm ade

Holllyyyy shit

her expression should be the dictionary definition of “agape”

alas, this is a fake

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"The council originally considered the use of only TOEFL, an English proficiency test created in the United States to gauge English skills of foreign students and used by universities around the world. But it eventually decided to allow other tests after some council members pointed out TOEFL questions may be “too difficult.”"


If the international standard for measuring English proficiency is “too difficult,” just invent your own standards! Problem solved! Tell us what you’ve got lined up, Japan.

Benesse Corp., a major education business operator, is offering a test called “GTEC for Students.” Last year, 620,000 middle and high school students took the test, which meaures their proficiency in reading, listening and writing. The company plans to include questions to test their conversation skills sometime during the 2014 academic year.

Yes, this leading education firm is offering an English test that might include conversation skills “sometime during the 2014 academic year.” In the meantime, let’s just assume that reading and writing basic grammar is an accurate appraisal of language ability.

In related news, I’ll be drafting my own Japanese proficiency exam that might include a listening portion in 2016 - well after I pass it with flying colors, of course. Who wants to hire me? I’m fluent, apparently!

source: Companies race to develop English exams - The Japan News


A reporter came to one of my schools in December to watch a lesson and ask questions of the teachers. Today I discovered the issue in print with my face on the front page. Unfortunately, despite giving this guy a complete spelling of my name in English AND Japanese, the paper still misidentifies me as Daniel “fate” (ダニエルフェイト). So angry right now!

Also weird, the “quote” from me is not a real quote. I said something to that effect (in Japanese, naturally), but he fancied it up a bit. I had to consult a dictionary to read something attributed to me!

Also also weird, I am identified as “an American living in Ikeda.” The homeroom teacher is simply identified by name, not where he lives. I’m not in hiding or anything, but why is my place of residence news here?