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I need this.

Wha…why…?!?! And in 1994??

How many kids knew who Captain Kirk was in 1994?

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when she says she doesn’t send nudes


when guys objectify women and expect them to send nudesimage

when someone asks you about your nuclear plans for russia


When Russia sends you nudes







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this is too wild

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I’m still laughing at the Diddy Kong Racing Official Soundtrack. Nintendo shaped the CD like Diddy Kong’s head.


Like, it wasn’t a circle. People tried to put it in their stereos and broke them. Like, happy 90’s Nintendo! Great job!


I thought this was a joke but holy shit it is 100% real.

And the Yoshi CD came out last year.

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Sex Education in American Public Schools

The third map is really freaking me out. “Don’t have to be medically accurate.” WHAT.

I grew up in New York. We had “Health class” which occasionally broached the subject of sex. All I remember from it was carrying a doll and pretending it was a baby. I hated it.

My very first girlfriend was also a New Yorker but from another county. I guess her classes were more fear-based because she was convinced I could get her pregnant if we fooled around too much while wearing swimsuits in the ocean.

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I made this joke on the way to board an airplane and 24 hours later this train ain’t stopping. Unreal. Nothing else I create will ever get a response like this.

For fun times, check out this awesome response:

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"Stuff Being Thrown at My Head," a photo series by Latvian photographer Kaija Straumanis

does she have to wait 2-3 weeks between photos? Every one of them looks like a potential concussion.

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3/2 列車戦隊トッキュウジャー

That’s what she said.

This show makes me wish I could afford a Japanese DVR.

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I saw this on The AV Club and despite it lasting for a half an hour I watched the entire thing. It’s not nostalgia - this footage is forty years old and I am not - but the scope of the presentation fascinates me. I mean, it starts with a love song about a television network and its viewers. Yes, really.

A quick rundown of things that jumped out at me:

  • 4:20 The International Race of Champions: “take the world’s best drivers, put them in identical cars, let ‘em race” is this not already race car driving
  • 4:44 Monday Night Football footage is O.J. Simpson running
  • 8:15 “After The Trial” omg
  • Followed immediately by a movie about cavemen (the second time cavemen are mentioned in the reel btw)?
  • 9:28-10:12 “The Deadly Touch” GOLD
  • 11:30 “the instantly successful American Music Awards” lol
  • 12;10 “you’re taking me to your apartment to watch television?” that is a sound strategy
  • 13;28 no one even mentions young Jeff Bridges what planet is this
  • 14:25 “out of these incredible truths comes…” some shit we made up. Was this just one of many me-too films to follow The Godfather into theaters?
  • 16:05 Thunderball “for the first time on television”?? That movie was almost a decade old at this point. Connery had quit being James Bond twice already.
  • So many bow ties. GIANT bow ties. You’d think they’re there to be mocked, but these are apparently ABC’s target audience? Loud, pushy, white men?
  • 20:50 two black people talking for the first time in the reel.
  • 23:17 pre-Taxi Driver Jodie Foster!
  • 24:02 “Nakia Parker…is an Indian” no, that is…Robert Forster?! He’s from Rochester!
  • 27:56 Vincent Price? Sonny and…no, it’s just Sonny.
  • 28:57 Quentin Tarantino definitely watched every episode of this show
  • 30:40 KURT RUSSELL…only says two words
  • 30:56 G-Gary Busey and M-MARK HAMILL…are brothers? Truck drivin’ brothers??

One last thought, one that permeated the entire reel in my mind: this is Japanese television. As in, this is Japanese television TODAY. Everything’s rooted in nostalgia or the wholesome family image (sometimes both together) or sheer wish-fulfillment fantasy. And those few excruciating minutes of Sonny Bono talking to celebrities in a bird suit? Hello Japanese Prime Time for the last…forty years?

Wait, did Sonny Bono invent Japanese variety shows?