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#this comic went places

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- Muscle Power, World Heroes 2 Jet (ADK/ SNK)

wow wow wow
liver is tasty though

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate x Animal Crossing: New Leaf

So anyway I’m buying Monster Hunter 4.

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Last day at SNK Playmore last week! Heading off to Sweden soon to start anew. My newfound free time has not only allowed me time to organize my sock drawer according to size and color, but to start development on my next project! Ashe’s Bedroom concept.

(i see u sneakin, bread)

is that a Bubble Bobble dragon I see on the wall?

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where’s my photoshop of Six in Nine’s jacket already?

Ask and you shall receive:

// dude this is the best fucking thing ever holy shit

Now, give us Nine in Six’s outfit.


omg help


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~And they lived happily ever after~

This was really dumb and a lot of fun to draw :D

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Here are the final two levels in last week’s Race.

So you might remember Race from N+; in N++ it’s pretty different. We’ve been playing around with the rules to make this mode interesting for serious competition, allowing for various strategies and comeback possibilities, and tweaking the value of gold — all the while keeping it fun for the not-so-serious. Here are the rules:

  • each player is given a bonus at the start of the level
  • your bonus can be increased by collecting gold in the level
  • if you reach the exit, your bonus is added to your score
  • if you haven’t reached the exit when the round ends, your bonus is lost
  • if you reach the exit, you get a chance to be a rocket and kill other players
  • once a player reaches the exit, Sudden Death begins
  • during Sudden Death, you won’t respawn if you die (you only have one last chance to reach the exit)
  • during Sudden Death, your bonus decays over time; if your bonus reaches 0, you’ll die
  • if no one has reached the exit after a certain period of time, You Suck mode begins: the level will gradually become easier, and only the first player to the exit survives (the rest are instantly killed)

We think you’ll enjoy it! There are a lot of interesting strategic opportunities.

We’re really hoping players start to get into it and try holding their own tournaments — we’ve found them to be pretty fun! Keep an eye on the devblog for news of a tournament near you:

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penig replied to your post: “Hi, I am very impressed with your blog, and would like your input on something. I am running a Vampire game set in Hungary 1 year before the Mongolian invasion. I was wondering what other ethnicities would be present in the area?”:
To be fair here, part of the fun of historical RPGs and fantasy is to change as little as possible and watch the effect of the fantastic premise on the setting.

blackghostwaltz replied to your post: justcuriousabout said:Hi, I am v…

I honestly think they’re asking a question relating to what PoC groups were living in the area at the time. Just because it has a supernatural element doesn’t mean it can’t have accuracy. As a writer, that’s one thing I strive for personally.

myirrelephantlife replied to your post: justcuriousabout said:Hi, I am v…

I think they’re asking what sort of ethnicities were present in Hungary at that time. Not to be rude, but it’s a reasonable question and I’m not sure why you brushed it off. Vampires are fantasy, but the setting could still be historically accurate.

tranettew reblogged your post justcuriousabout said:Hi, I am v… and added:

That’s unnecessary shade. The whole blog is about historically accurate representation of PoC in history and, ergo, it is not an excuse to be non-inclusive in media as there were PoC in Europe at different points in history. This ask is essentially what you’re trying to promote, I thought.











Wyatt Cenac

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