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it says “wave” and it looks like she’s waving at the mirror/camera, perfect



it says “wave” and it looks like she’s waving at the mirror/camera, perfect

Photo Set

I mentioned last week that a pinball arcade has opened in Osaka and here are a few pictures from my visit this weekend. Tumblr only allows 10 images per post, so for more you’ll have to check out my Facebook album.


I have good news and bad news.

THE GOOD NEWS: there is a pinball arcade in Osaka now. I rarely see pinball machines in Japan, and suddenly here’s a room FULL of them and not in Tokyo but Osaka. And yes, they have Funhouse. Wheeeeeee.

THE BAD NEWS: the only way to go inside is to spend 1000 yen in Big Step, the retail building where the pinball arcade is located. I cannot imagine needing anything from that collection of stores. Maybe there’s a restaurant I can hit up? Does a movie ticket count? At least once you’re inside, the machines are free to play.

I’m totally going. Hope they’re not uptight about photos.


Mighty No. 9 developer announces new hires; backers flip out


Trigger warnings: sexism, harassment.

Earlier this week, Comcept posted an update about Mighty No. 9, spiritual successor to Keiji Inafune’s Mega Man series. They introduced their new community manager, two forum moderators (all three of whom are project backers), and a localization company,…

Dina is my friend, making this entire episode both absurd and infuriating. Absurd because I know how much she loves video games and to suggest otherwise is ludicrous. Infuriating because self-described gamers are rallying once again to attack another outspoken woman who just wants to make games better.

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Photo Set



 I’m not a fan of video games; in addition, I never had a game console in my life.  But being in Japan I had to at least have a taste of it.

Well, in Osaka there is a bar made for video games, there are screens, games, consoles and controls everywhere.  I have to admit that it does have a ‘Space Station’ feeling.

You can go and pick any game; at the ‘Space Station’ they have almost every game, from the old ones to the newest and futuristic ones.

 I told Matt (the owner) my non-gamer story, he told me that if I was curious about it, I should play one game in particular; (he often shows that game to people like me). 

For three hours I didn’t stop playing and drinking one of his signature cocktails called “Dr. Mario” (Havana Club 3 years + Malibu + Dr. Peppers). I got really into that game, thanks to Matt and the Space Station.

By the way, they have virtual reality goggles, I had never had that experience in my life, go and try it! It’s unbelievable!

 If you like video games, or if you don’t like video games; you should visit The Space Station in Osaka; Awesome service, great prices and is an interesting place to have another view of the Japanese Nightlife.

 Address: 中央区西心斎橋2丁目13番3, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan 542-0086

Tel: 080-4151-6336

8:00 pm - 2:00 am

- Julián-

If I lived in the city of Osaka, I’d hang out in Matt’s bar three nights a week. These days I’m lucky if I make it down there once a month.


I saw a segment on Japanese morning TV that is sadly typical for Japanese TV: give them an excuse to shame Chinese people and they will embrace it.

The segment started off friendly: apparently there is a holiday in China right now, so they sent a reporter to ask businesses how they are better serving the increase in Chinese tourists. The reporter also did his best to engage tourists walking around Osaka’s Dotonbori neighborhood, which meant he was approaching strangers and asking “Where are you from?” in English. Standard foreigners-in-Japan fluff.

But then cut back to the studio where there’s a graphic outlining all the “manner trouble” (マナートラブル) that Chinese tourists have wrought upon the world. They took off their shoes and sat in a fountain! They wrote graffiti on a historical site! A child peed on an airplane floor! Quelle horreur!!

My wife reacted particularly strongly to that last one, but why? We have two kids. They pee on everything. They pee on me, sometimes (against my will!). If a lone child should happen to pee on an airplane, how is that evidence that Chinese people (of which there are, I don’t know, over 1 BILLION) have “bad manners”? Why mention that in a story that should be entirely positive: more tourists in Osaka?

(And if a tourist writing graffiti reflects badly on an entire nation, then Japan you are fucked)

The answer, sadly, is that despite every public statement made by the Japanese government (and local governments, like Osaka!) stating the need for more foreign tourists, Japanese society still views foreigners as a risk that needs management. If you sit for hours on an airplane to come here and spend your money, that’s nice, but you’re also really imposing on the poor Japanese person who has to hear you speak not-Japanese and endure your occasional missteps. Won’t you think of the Japanese for once and stay home?

And as bad as general Japanese racism is, it’s one hundred times worse when it’s directed towards China. As I said, this "point and laugh" journalism is par for the course on Japanese TV. Any story on China, good or bad, comic or tragic, can segue into a list of grievances. “China is building a version of Paris? Hilarious! Remember that time they copied Disneyland and a bunch of Japanese characters while they were at it?” - how is this line of thinking relevant?

The day Chinese tourists form violent kung-fu gangs and start rioting in Namba, that’s the day you can start publicly questioning whether having more tourists in Japan is bad. Until then, they are here ON VACATION and handing your economy MILLIONS of yen in return for some good food and a couple souvenirs. Stop acting like there is any downside to that transaction.

And this from a country that fought so hard to get the Olympics!



Hashimoto then said he also wanted to resign as coleader, saying: “I want to concentrate on issues in Osaka, including my plan to reorganize Osaka and nearby municipalities into a larger metropolitan administrative entity. Because there will be no national elections for the time being, I want to bring an end [to my time in this post].”

This caused a furor among members at the meeting. Shintaro Ishihara, the other coleader, told Hashimoto, “If you resign, I can no longer live.”



After causing an international incident with his big mouth and getting trounced in the recent national elections, Osaka mayor Toru Hashimoto tried to step down as the leader of his (struggling) party, only to be told to stay.

You wanna know why Japanese politics is so fucked up? Look no further.

I’ve made no secret of my contempt for many things Toru Hashimoto has said and done over the years, but there’s a reason he was elected governor and later mayor of Osaka: he has plans to fix Osaka. Specifically, he wants to smash the entrenched bureaucracy of the city/prefecture separation and create a single administration for Osaka.

I’m no insider but in my limited capacity I’ve already seen the inanity that comes from having too much government. During my JET years I attended many meetings and seminars that were exclusively for prefectural JETs - those teachers working for the Osaka Prefectural Board of Education as well as those working for smaller, local BOEs. However, those who worked for the City of Osaka BOE had to attend entirely separate meetings and seminars.

Never mind the amount of time that was wasted, think of how much money must have been spent on keeping two groups of similar employees apart for decades.

So yes, Hashimoto is a tool, but he has shit to do. Important shit. And the fact that he’s a known commodity to everyone in Japan shouldn’t take precedence over him getting shit done.

Is this a situation of his own doing? Pretty much. No one forced him to take his “Osaka Restoration Party” and turn it into the “Japan Restoration Party” by aligning it with other failing parties. No one forced him to team up with Shintaro Ishihara, a vile racist, sexist asshole who cannot possibly depart the political world (if not our mortal coil) soon enough.

But now that he wants out, they won’t let him out. Which means he’s worth more to that pathetic political party as a “controversial” figure than he’s worth as a competent leader of Japan’s second-largest metropolitan area.

tl;dr: Asshole gets what he deserves, but his constituents pay the price.



Osaka is pretty scrub but I like it. #osaka #japan #dirty #street #urban

"Dirty" > "Clean"

I love it here. I’d feel the same about Roppongi if it weren’t full of pushy club promoters. Then again, Dotonbori isn’t that different, they just don’t approach foreigners. So…white privilege?

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why is there a boob on our mailbox

Funny, they usually travel in pairs.

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One of these days I’m going to get down to Esaka and take pictures of the landmarks SNK used as King of Fighters backgrounds. That street sign is just a bit too dark to read though…

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