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The Nintendo eShop Summer Bargain Campaign is here now!

The Nintendo eShop Summer Bargain Campaign is here now!

Although Nintendo’s sales are never the most “Get your wallet out now!” types, it is always nice to see stuff available with savings. Interestingly enough, there is no salefor the 3DS VC. Coupling that with the lack of updates to it, one wonders what exactly is going on. Something happening soon is a possibility, or Nintendo just gave up on…

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I gripe about Nintendo of Japan’s “sales” but really, 700 yen for Link to the Past is worth every…yennie. And I’m equally hopeful that the stalled 3DS Virtual Console means some major change is coming, because people in America have classic games on their 3DS that I don’t and that is just not cool.

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…….they think iPads can actually assemble the food?

I am always fascinated by cynical political ad campaigns that encourage people to vote against their own best interests, and depressed by how often they succeed.

the url BADIDEACA describes this ad more than the idea it decries

self-checkout exists in many stores, but there are still lines for human cashiers because most of the time, it’s easier to let a professional handle the machine

hell, nine times out of ten when I use self-checkout I need an employee to help me because of some software quirk

and while I’ve seen touch-panel menus here in Japan, it’s always for the most basic shit possible: kaiten sushi, where you just order a little plate of this or that, and the food comes on a conveyor belt

so go ahead, California, I dare you to open an all-iPad restaurant. you’ll still need to pay people to make and deliver the food but you’ll also need to pay people to explain to the customers how iPads work, so your net savings will be negligible.

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I wish I could follow this show, but I can not tell the good guys from the bad. THEY ALL USE FRUIT.

is one fruit supposed to be evil?

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"It is illegal for women to go topless in most cities, yet you can buy a magazine of a woman without her top on at any 7-11 store. So, you can sell breasts, but you cannot wear breasts, in America."


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This is one of my favorite quotes about sexualization/objectification vs autonomy of female bodies bc it’s so succinct

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That reminded us of this:


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also relevant with what’s happening in Japan right now: an artist is under arrest for “obscenity” because she made a 3D model of her vagina.

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Finally this abomination is going out of stock!

Is that… vegetable flavoured ice cream?

I think it’s more of a sorbet, but lord knows I ain’t buying it to find out.

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Found this on and it makes me mad but more sad that dudes keep freaking out over stuff that - gasp - isn’t made for their exclusive entertainment. I don’t know whether this company sells manga or anime or what but I guarantee they’ve got plenty of goods right now that are aimed at men. But as soon as they start reaching out to non-straight-men, there’s a backlash. There’s cries of “betrayal” and threats. And it’s all based on a lie.

DIVERSITY IS NOT A ZERO-SUM GAME. It’s been said before but here it is again: there will always be media made by, for, and starring straight white* dudes. Always. It’s called privilege. If your first reaction to seeing a product that is not made for you is to attack its creator/distributor/translator as “neglecting their main demographic,” you are delusional. And an asshole.

Because I did the math and, wow, if every company you “keep afloat” stopped producing media for guys and switched to girly stuff or gay stuff (OMG ewwww right?), there’s still so much existent media for you that you’ll never read/watch/play it all. Hell, I own more things in this room aimed specifically at my demographic than I will ever have time to experience. Meanwhile the rest of the customers out there don’t have that luxury, so excuse them for getting catered to once in a fucking while.

And one last tip: maybe take a look at something made by a woman for women? You might learn something. You might even like it. Because I guarantee it’s different than what you’ve been reading/viewing/playing up until now.

*obviously most anime and manga is made by Japanese people in Japan, but they’re the “white people” of their country and their heroes are drawn to resemble white people, so congratulations.

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As an American, I need to start dressing like this in Japan

wait is this real dialogue

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it’s been a long, lousy week, but Thursday was the worst.

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Let’s Speak English #34!

In which sixth graders are sixth graders.

you’d be surprised how hard a time Japanese people have writing their own language in another alphabet

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How to become a Japanese Pop Star. 

How to become a Japanese Pop Star. 

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