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Sailor Zombie Lets You Shoot Undead Japanese Pop Stars | WIRED

When I first heard about this game in the spring, I groaned. “Love bullets”? It sounded like another ploy to separate obsessive AKB48 fans and their money.

When I saw it in action this week, I thought it might be campy fun. The premise is absurd, and the inclusion of rhythm-based dance numbers might make for a chuckle.

But sitting down and playing it made me realize just how creepy this concept is. Why would you make a game about shooting young girls in the face? “Zombies” schmombies, they look like teenagers. The shots sound like bullets, and one bullet is never enough. You have to tear into them to knock them down, but they always get back up.

I’m sure this all seems more innocent to Japanese people. Their gun laws are strict. You can count the number of annual shootings on one hand. But when you consider how these girls are already sexualized and fetishized in mass media, making them the main targets in a shooting gallery seems wrong. Very, very wrong.

And it cannot be said enough: out of all the girls that could have appeared in this game, two of the seven just happened to be the same two girls who were wounded by a crazy guy at a fan event this year. Of course that’s a coincidence, but it reinforces that these women are already at risk due to their fame (with the “accessibility” factor making them even more likely to be hurt). AND MOST OF THEM ARE MINORS. If it were my child in that game, I’d be furious.



not what you were expecting

what makes me laugh is some one pointed out that Momotaros’ Voice actor also does the Japanese dub of David Tennant I did not know this which makes this joke funnier to me.

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my friend in japan found a really cool book

japan is more knowledgable about our curse words than you or i ever suspected

my position is redundant

I cannot teach the children anything more important than this

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"The official record compiled by the Imperial Household Agency contains descriptions that dovetail with a reported memorandum by then Imperial Household Agency Grand Steward Tomohiko Tomita, which quoted Emperor Showa as saying that he would not visit Yasukuni Shrine because Class-A criminals were enshrined there."


Recently-released documents indicate Emperor Hirohito, an important figure during World War II (even though his role in policy remains vague), stopped going to Yasukuni when the shrine honored Class-A war criminals.

When was that, exactly?

"A memorandum left by Grand Steward Tomita has revealed that Emperor Showa showed strong displeasure at Yasukuni Shrine enshrining Class-A war criminals and told the grand steward, ‘That’s why I haven’t visited there since that time. That is my true feeling.’" In fact, Emperor Showa had not visited Yasukuni since 1978 when it enshrined Class-A war criminals.

That’s right, the war criminals were not enshrined at Yasukuni until 1978. In other words, more than thirty years after the war ended. Which means there was no confusion over who those people were or the crimes they committed.

So remember this the next time you read about politicians or the shrine officials mention “tradition” or “honoring the dead” at Yasukuni:

  1. the war criminals have only been there since 1978
  2. enshrining the war criminals angered the Emperor
  3. no Emperor has been to Yasukuni since


It is estimated that 1.24 million households in Japan are headed by single mothers, of which about 81 percent have some form of employment. This compares with an average 70.6 percent of single-parent households in member nations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The average single mother in Japan makes 1.81 million yen a year, according to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

With public child support and financial assistance from relatives, the total income for a single-mother household averages 2.43 million yen, or about one-third of that for a household with at least one child.



An excerpt from a Asahi story on a Japanese woman who hired a babysitter she met online. Unable to afford other alternatives, she left her two kids with a stranger. One of her children died and the sitter is under arrest. The Asahi story notes that public opinion has been very much against the woman without considering what drove her to take such a risk.

1.81 million yen = about $17,000 US. And that’s over the poverty line in Japan.

More from the story below:

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astromonster: Nude Date with Baragon

so when they say “nude” they’re talking about the monster?



Super Smash Bros. vs. AKB48 ⊟

Nintendo cleverly uses the “Mii Fighter” character as a way to cross-promote Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, a game that is still called that, with Japanese idol army AKB48. I bet these Miis look just like the singers! (Also in Smash apparently: Fierce Deity Link and Pikmin's Alph)

Do you think there was internal competition or negotiation about who got to be the one trying to punch Mario in the video?

I was tempted to headline this post “48 new characters for Super Smash Bros.,” and I’m proud of myself for resisting.

PREORDER Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS, upcoming releases

I feel like that preview image is a metaphor for the War Over Japanese Video Games: on one side you have assorted characters in all their shapes and sizes and on the other NOTHING BUT SCHOOLGIRLS


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