Spending limit settings for Puzzle and Dragons. Up to ¥5000 ($50) designed for those under sixteen. Up to ¥20000 ($200!) for sixteen to nineteen year olds.

There are sixteen year olds spending more on Puzzle and Dragons in a month than I spend on car insurance. I need to lie down.

I love how it says, “Please be honest about how old you are.”

It’s criminal how these mobile companies are doing the bare minimum to prevent kids from flushing money down the toilet. 19-year-olds in Japan aren’t trusted to smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, but they can spend big money on predatory mobile games?

I mean, I don’t like that adults drop so much cash on these games either, but we can’t tell adults how to spend their money (thank god, or someone would be yelling at me everyday).

Source: revenantkioku