Holy shit.
If that doesn’t put the finest point on it you’ve ever seen/heard, I don’t know what does.



Holy shit.

If that doesn’t put the finest point on it you’ve ever seen/heard, I don’t know what does.



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This is the story of a music journalist. He was a pretty successful music journalist. He had an ostensibly full-time gig at a pretty mainstream outlet. The pay wasn’t great but it was enough to live on, and he was pretty thrilled he got to write about music for a living. He worked from home,…

for the uninitiated, this is a reaction to the announcement that Kotaku writers may no longer support any game creatiors via Patreon. Ostensibly a reaction to the recent “controversy” regarding “journalism ethics” (lord, there are no quotes big enough to wrap around those words I just typed while wincing) it has in fact given validation to the irrational, angry voices by unfairly penalizing indies, because unless these writers get every single game for free they are surely spending their money on games someplace, so why not back indies with their money?

I don’t use Patreon but I have backed Kickstarters. Does this disqualify me from writing about a game, because I wanted it to be made? I have no financial interest in the project because I am not receiving money; my money was spent. No refunds, no profit, no kickbacks. I would certainly disclose my backer status were I to write about a project, but in no way does spending my money invalidate my opinion of a thing.

I think Kotaku made a big mistake here.

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On the Experience of Playing "Sacrilege" by Cara Ellison


My game Sacrilege got on The Toast. On the FUCKING TOAST.

So weird, also, that a publication reviewed my game. That’s MY JOB!

*runs around room flailing*

ps i love The Toast one day I want to write there

I will play this later!

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  • Question: I've tried dating outside my own culture and it's almost always full of these weird pitfalls that make things harder and less enjoyable for both of us. I need a certain baseline of shared unquestioned assumptions about reality if we're going to raise children together. - Anonymous
  • Answer:


    Hey you racist creep, I promise you, it’s not that bridging cultures is impossible, it’s that someone who says shit like “certain baseline of shared unquestioned assumptions” is a fucking huge asshole who needs to control their partners.

    yeah I married someone from “outside my culture” who wasn’t white and guess what: if you and your partner care about each other you can talk about how to raise the kids. But I didn’t enter the relationship concerned with “unquestioned assumptions” because who even does that

    ADULT LIFE PROTIP: question all assumptions

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  • Question: How does it feel to give all your power away? Your train of thought advocates that men have all the power thus you strive to not only get even but to get more power. To what end? Kill all men? That would destroy the human race. Sperm banks can only last so long. Hitler himself had limits. He only wanted to kill those who were in his eyes undeserving to breed. But what you're advocating is more than that. You want to kill the future for problems you made up in your god damn head. Grow up. - Anonymous
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    This is the funniest message I have EVER RECEIVED. 

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  • Question: Is it racist if white people prefer to date in their own race? - Anonymous
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    Here’s a handy shortcut: if something is a central plank of the American Nazi Party, it’s prob racist.

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I shared the rape-drug-detecting nail polish story yesterday because I thought it was cool idea and a novel use of technology. I was very disturbed to see some headlines treat it as a practical “defense” or even a “cure” for rape.

The cure for rape is convincing men not to rape women. Expecting women to poke their fingers in every drink they ingest is not a solution.

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Besides Michael Brown, Whom Else Does The New York Times Call “No Angel”?



Here’s who comes up in Vanity Fair’s search of people the New York Times has called “no angel”:

  • Al Capone, white mobster
  • James “Whitey” Bulger, white convicted murderer
  • Donald Manuel Paradis, white motorcycle gangster on death row
  • Erwin Rommel, Nazi field marshal
  • Clayton Lockett, white convicted murderer and rapist
  • Larry Flint, white pornographer
  • Eric Harris, white Columbine serial killer

Who else does the Times label “no angel”?

  • Samuel Spencer, Black victim of murder by four white men
  • Magic Johnson, Black basketball player
  • Michael Jackson, Black musician

Yeah. You do the math.

The media are largely responsible for all the hate black people suffer because if it wasn’t for them spread their negative bs and lies these cops wouldn’t be getting away with murder. And that’s why i say that the media should be called out on their bs every day.

just remember: FOX News exists because a rich white man looked at the New York Times and said “this is not conservative enough for me”

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