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Standing ovation.

applauding my computer screen now

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“We fled to the Philippines, which was under American occupation at the time. But it wasn’t long before the Japanese took over the islands. We were living in Manila, and when the Japanese occupied the city, they began to teach us to read and write Japanese. When the Americans came to retake the city, they invaded from the north, and the Japanese blew up the bridges and barricaded themselves in the southern part of the city where we lived. Shells were falling all around us, because the Japanese had stationed a gun encampment across from our house. One morning, we decided to make a run for the hospital, so that we could put ourselves under the protection of the Red Cross. Our neighbors were running in front of us, pushing their belongings on a pushcart, when they stepped on a land mine and the whole family was killed. We kept running, but when we got to the main street, there was a checkpoint and we weren’t allowed to cross. So we hid beneath a house, and soon we were discovered by Japanese soldiers. They lined us all up against the wall to be executed. We begged and begged and begged for our lives. They finally allowed my mother and the children to step aside, but they told my father to stay. My mother dropped to her knees and asked the Japanese commander to imagine it was his family. And he finally let all of us go.”

another story for the “Japanese soldiers committed no war crimes” crowd: executing civilians? and children?

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Series 3 - Human Nature

people dislike Martha for being infatuated with the Doctor but Martha Did Not Take Shit and I liked that about her

also her whole family made appearances in her season and that was cool too

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Yesterday, Grinding Gear Games posted a teaser detailing planned UI changes for their free-to-play RPG Path of Exile. In the current version of the game, the Health and Mana orbs on either side of the screen are framed by statues of chained, partially-clothed women; in the planned update, these statues would be replaced by unobtrusive reclining figures, inspired by classical sculpture. 

Sounds good, right? The forums didn’t seem to think so. After thirty-nine pages riddled with complaints about the new statues (often casually sexist or homophobic), the developers posted a new screenshot. The chained women are back.

The old statues have been restored. We still intend to remove them in favour of ones that cover less of the health/mana orbs, but have moved this to a longer-term change. The new statues will have a classical Roman look that better fits with long term stylistic goals.

When the mods were asked about the logic behind the revision:

We changed it away from the new statues because we agreed with some of the feedback. We’re trying to be very clear that they’re going to change again in the future.

We listen to all our players. The forum only represents a small fraction of total players, but the feedback is absolutely taken on board. Having said that, some peoples’ behaviour in that thread was terrible.

It’s sad to see a community push back so hard against a minor change - particularly one that would dial back gratuitous sexualization, and make some players feel more comfortable. It’s possible that Grinding Gear Games will follow through in later updates, but given that the prevailing argument was simply "I preferred the slave girls", this sets a discouraging precedent.

This story is based on a tip from one of our readers! If there’s an issue you think FNVG should cover, you can find our contact information on the About page.

christ, the “slave girls” take up a tiny corner of the screen, who needs them there at all? who would get ANGRY about a few shifted pixels in the corner of the UI to the point of throwing a temper tantrum? And why would the developers fold?

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Kiss Me Like Movie Stars Kiss


By Ki Russell


Dear Young Folks,

Do not let anyone tell you that your curiosity is the cause of your downfall.

Do not let anyone say you asked for something bad because you wouldn’t stop asking questions or displaying your curiosity. And never let someone minimize your suffering and pain…

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  • Question: A customer asked for an "illegal immigrant mocha" instead of a "mexican mocha" like it's written on our menu. Do racists not realize Mexico is a country of its own and not every ethnicity is defined by its relation to the US? - Anonymous
  • Answer:


    I also like how racists are so comfortable with themselves that they’re willing to throw in this odious shit to a stranger making then coffee. WHO THE FUCK THINKS WE NEED THIS RACIST-ASS JOKE JESUS CHRIST

    on the other hand, god bless these comedians for telling you up front “I am a terrible person”

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Remember in 1993 when Jurassic Park was like…the end all, be all of special effects?


not gonna lie that still looks intimately real

It’s interesting to look back at Jurassic Park in this day and age. The sauropods come off as fakey-fake, but the T-Rex is still 100% convincing.

it looks real because that’s a physical effect. that’s an actor staring at a giant prop and it’s not alive but it’s real.

one of the key reasons Jurassic Park has such staying power is the mix of computers and props. The CGI was generally limited to scenes where the actors and dinosaurs had no interaction.

see also: Terminator 2, which for all its glitz only has about 9 CGI shots in the whole movie. The rest were physical effects.

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I don’t know what’s going on here but I’m sure my husband can explain it to me.

is that…Sting wearing a “fake Sting” mask??


I don’t know what’s going on here but I’m sure my husband can explain it to me.

is that…Sting wearing a “fake Sting” mask??

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One of the biggest Japanese news stories of 2014 has been the saga of Dr. Haruko Obokata, a scientist whose discovery made her an overnight celebrity only to fall from grace when her findings and methods came into question. But the real villain of this story has been the Japanese media and its sexist coverage of Dr. Obokata from the start.

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